Environmental protection

Besides the already introduced topics of legal compliance and management & organisation our customers may also expect advice on specific topics and issues in the field of environmental protection::

  • energy
  • water/waste water
  • effluent network
  • emissions of exhaust air and noise
  • waste
  • soil and groundwater
  • storage of (hazardous) material

We offer the following services and tools:

Hotline service: our in-a-nutshell-advice to all questions concerning operational EHS matters.

Legal Register AGENDA and AGENDA Update Service: the instrument to evaluate the applicablility of legal provisions for a company/site and to document the related EHS operator obligations.

Compliance Info Talk: training for EHS professionals and line managers on changes of legislation including discussion of the impact on our customers' operation definition of actions and related responsibilities, if necessary. A useful on-top service to the AGENDA Update Service.

Preparing application documents and accompanying approval processes help to get the approval right in time. Our support: We know exactly what comes first and we speak the operator's language as well as the language of the authorities.

Compliance audit: the health check of a company's legal compliance which with Risolva is no black & white auditing. We give advice on how to implement legal provisions optimally as well.

Environmental due diligence audit (EDD): the systematic survey of sites/buildings or possible investments on potential risks coming from soil and groundwater contamination or building contaminants e.g. asbestos & Co.

Risk evaluation matrix« or our ALGEBRA Environment to evaluate the impact of all operations in terms of direct and indirect environmental aspects according to the requirements of ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and EMAS.

If you have a specific question, please contact us and let us help you to make your long story short.