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Building contaminants (asbestos & Co.)

On sites with buildings erected before 1990, asbestos & Co. can be found again and again despite the high sensitivity of companies. Such materials are found both in buildings and in technical equipment. How to recognize asbestos & Co. How to deal with it? What has to be considered? We have the solutions.

We offer the following services and tools:

Asbestos Museum
On-site training for maintenance personnel with detailed visuals and safely packaged display pieces so that visitors to the Asbestos Museum can learn about the various asbestos products.

Register for asbestos and other building contaminants
The tool to systematically document, where what kind of building contaminant can be found.

Environmental Due Diligence Audit (EDD)
To systematically survey your site/building or that of potential capital projects for potential risks related to soil and groundwater contamination or building pollutants.

Hotline Service
Our in-a-nutshell-advice to all questions concerning operational EHS matters.


  • Performing surveys regarding asbestos and other building contaminants.
  • Sampling, organisation of analyses, interpretation of results, deducting potential remediation measures
  • Compiling registers for asbestos and other building contaminants.
  • Bid invitation of remediation work and choice of remediation companies
  • Supporting companies in the management of remediation measures as a certified expert according to TRGS 519