Building contaminants (asbestos & Co.)

Asbestos Museum
To be able to prevent damage from yourself and others knowledge of where asbestos & Co. is used and how it can be identified is essential. In contrast to most of the hazardous materials used in production, these materials are usually not labelled to be hazardous.

This is the reason why workers are exposed to asbestos & Co. during reconstruction, renovation or daily maintenance work. When drilling, sawing or removing asbestos & Co. unknowingly hazardous material is released and present a high risk to those doing the work as well as anyone who is present in the building. Furthermore, asbestos fibres can contaminate a building for a long time.

To prepare maintenance staff optimally for this kind of unpleasant surprise we take our mobile Asbestos Museum to the customer's site.

Our mobile Asbestos Museum does not only consist of an extended photo collection but also of safely packed showpieces that allow visitors of our Asbestos Museum to experience the nature and composition of these materials haptically. Our Asbestos Museum concludes with a practical part at critical areas of the site where the participants can show what they have learned.

Register for asbestos and other building contaminants
With the help of our automated register for asbestos and other building contaminants companies can systematically document, where what kind of building contaminant can be found. When knowing critical areas companies can avoid that works at potentially contaminated building parts are carried out accidentially and present hazards to persons.

We also offer ›traditional‹ work in this field:

  • Performing surveys regarding asbestos and other building contaminants.
  • Environmental due diligence audit (EDD): the systematic survey of sites/buildings or possible investments on potential risks coming from soil and groundwater contamination or building contaminants e.g. asbestos & Co.
  • Sampling, organisation of analyses, interpretation of results, deducting potential remediation measures
  • Compiling registers for asbestos and other building contaminants.
  • Bid invitation of remediation work and choice of remediation companies
  • Supporting companies in the management of remediation measures as a certified expert according to TRGS 519.

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