Making long stories short

Trainings and seminars

Our training courses bring you success.
Our recipe: It is easier to learn in a relaxed manner, especially when dealing with complex topics.

Training is only successful if it is understood as training.

And our events are consistently geared toward leaving a training success behind. For trainers and participants, this involves a little effort - as in sports training - but also fun. It is easier to learn in a relaxed manner, especially when dealing with complex topics.

Three aspects are essential for the efficiency of trainings and seminars:

  1. We highly involve the participants - whether top management, line manager or employee. Therefore a maximum number of 5-10 individuals is perfect. The one who sees training as holiday from work should not choose us as trainers. 
  2. We use different media (beamer, flipchart, metaplan visualisation) and present the topics vivid and practically. With us all stay awake as our presentations are unusual. In addition, participants receive a detailed script to follow-up after the training.
  3. Each training is tailored to the customer's scope and/or company and take place inhouse.

Due to this approach we can guarantee an optimal knowledge transfer that is essential to ensure that the training content is adopted in the day-to-day practice or that behaviour and attitudes change.

Our classics

Entrepreneurial obligations

We present the legal background of EHS entrepreneurial obligations and give participants a sense of their responsibility.

Target group: top management and line managers

Workplace risk assessment

We teach the participants the basics of risk assessments: Content, procedure, tools - exercises included.

Target group: Persons who have to carry out risk assessments, especially with our ALGEBRA.

Compliance talk

We explain the legal changes relevant to your business. We discuss the impact on your business and any need for action. 

Target group: Responsible managers and EHS officers who support and advise them.

Asbestos Museum

With the help of an extended photo collection and safely packaged showpieces, museum visitors can experience the nature and composition of these materials haptically.

Target group: Maintenance staff at sites where buildings were constructed before 1990.