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Master summary »inspections« and »instructions«

Dozens of provisions require regular inspections of facilities, installations and equipment as well as periodical instructions of employees. The master summary »Legally required inspections« and the master summary »Legally required instructions« provide appropriate information.

Master summary »Legally required inspections«

One of the most important entrepreneurial obligations that companies have is to ensure that all facilities, installations and equipment are inspected in accordance with the EHS legal requirements or according to their specifications in the context of the risk assessment.

Before you enter each individual piece of equipment into your maintenance tool and thus plan and manage the specific inspection dates, it is necessary to decide which types of equipment and installations subject to inspection you have at all - and which you do not. This is what the master summary does. It also provides information on inspection intervals and the legal background. With this master summary, you can therefore prove at any time that the entries in your maintenance tool are complete.

The master summary contains the categories fire protection, electrics, mechanics/force, pressure, transport, radiation protection, (hazardous) substances, emissions, protective equipment/first aid, miscellaneous.

Master summary »Legally required instructions«

Before you carry out instruction, it is necessary to decide which of your employees are to be instructed on the basis of which of these legal provisions and which requirements do not apply to you. This is what the master summary does. It also provides information on specific content if it goes beyond the general hazard-oriented content. With this master summary and the proof of instruction on site, you can therefore prove at any time that you are complying with the instruction obligations.

The master summary can be individually supplemented at any time with legally required training, for example for company representatives, or with internally required instruction or training.

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