Training »entrepreneurial obligations«

The workshop seminar is designed for the top management and line managers who have entrepreneurial obligations.

The participants will learn in the half-day workshop seminar

  • why entrepreneurial obligations are delegated.
  • which specific responsibilities of the employer exist.
  • the difference between planner obligations and operator obligations.
  • typical operator obligations within your area of responsibility.
  • that and why risk assessments play a key role in these obligations.
  • what sanctions are possible for failure to fulfill management obligations.
  • how you work correctly so that you don’t have to fear any sanctions.

In this process, the participants may feel like in the theory part of driver’s education. They learn what to watch out for without having to dive deep into the details of the law.

We offer this workshop seminar from 1,700 Euro net for 10 participants, depending on the travel time and expenses we have, resulting in approximately 170 Euro net per participant.