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ALGEBRA for workplace risk assessments

With ALGEBRA you assess workplaces and activities 100% legally compliant on only one (1!) page. ALGEBRA was developed out of the day-to-day practice and is consequently programmed user-friendly as an Excel application. The use is therefore convenient and simple.

Assessment of workplaces and activities

Imagine a software tool…

  • so easy to handle that responsible line managers can conduct the risk assessment instead of the safety professional.
  • designed like a checklist: never miss hazards and document those that are not applicable as well.
  • considering legal defined limit risks where available and using a risk assessment following defined criteria for the rest.
  • evaluating and documenting the effectiveness of protection measures and depicting the residual risk.
  • presenting a clear risk assessment even when going into detail. No hazard takes more than one line, no risk assessment more than one (1) page.
  • bringing fun into the otherwise dull conduction of risk assessments.

»This kind of tool has to be invented«, said Dieter Hubich. He himself is a safety professional and has been familiar with all the unsatisfactory solutions on the market our customers were frustrated with. Therefore ALGEBRA Workplaces was developed out of the day-to-day practice and is consequently programmed user-friendly as an Excel application (format 2007 and higher). Why Excel? In contrast to a complex data base everyone knows how to use Excel.

ALGEBRA Workplaces is available in English on request.

The content
Mechanical hazards, electrical hazards, fire and explosion hazards, thermal hazards, hazardous material, biological hazards, hazards caused by specific physical impact, handling of loads /dynamic physical work /posture, hazards of working environment, hazards caused by lack of physical aptitude or qualification, miscellaneous hazards.

ALGEBRA Workplaces covers all relevant national and European legislation as well as general knowledge (e.g. from international labour organisations).

Training and coaching
For us it is important that our products are used optimally. Therefore, we offer two options for implementing ALGEBRA Workplaces. Both options address line managers responsible for conducting the risk assessments.

  • Training »risk assessments«
  • Coaching risk assessments with ALGEBRA Workplaces

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Dieter Hubich

Phone: +49 7123 30780 - 23
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