Risolva - making long stories short.

We are your right hand

We do know and will show you how to implement entrepreneurial obligations into the day-to-day practice in the best, easiest, most cost-effective and legally certain way.

Our target is - wherever possible and legally acceptable - to make you independent from experts! Sure, with this approach we make ourselves dispensable. But this is our objective: to make your long story short by solving your problem precisely. Of course we are happy if you contact us with any other question.

Where and how we work

Get to know us better. In the video »We show you where and how we work« you will get an insight into our office and our way of working.

Our philosophy - pyramid of values

We all are Risolva. The nature of each individual is the basis for the success we provide you with - and thus for our success.

Just because we are morally and mentally fit,
we are attentive and open-minded.
As a result you experience us positive and interested.
And all of this leads to your and with that to our success.

Therefore, all our decisions are based on our pyramid of values. We act and assess the relationship to our environment accordingly.

The team - experienced, strong and personable

We understand ourselves as the right-hand man of your company. Regardless whether we operate as extended desk or developing strategic concepts, we are entirely committed to your company. We do not theorize but leave visible results. We offer solutions that do a lot more than reducing workload. You benefit from our cross-sector experience: We know the existing solutions and which of them work for others.

Andrea Wieland

Expert for:

  • legal compliance
  • trainings
  • emergency management
  • audits


  • MS, Process Engineering, University of Stuttgart
  • more than 30 years of professional experience in management and EHS consulting
  • expert for approval prcesses
  • communication trainer and moderator

Author of the books

  • »Gekonnt kommunizieren«  - communicating skilfully
  • »Worauf es bei der Evakuierung ankommt« - evacuation - what comes first
phone: +49 7123 30780 - 22
fax: +49 7123 30780 - 11

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Dieter Hubich

Expert for:

  • health & safety
  • risk assessments
  • building contaminants
  • audits
  • CE conformity
  • explosion protection


  • MS Geology, University of Tübingen
  • PHD, Geology, University of Tübingen
  • more than 25 years of experience in health & safety and in management and EHS consulting
  • safety professional
  • certified expert according to TRGS 519 (Guideline for Asbestos)
  • certified expert for explosion prevention and protection
  • auditor according to ISO 19011
  • author of several publications
phone: +49 7123 30780 - 23
fax: +49 7123 30780 - 11

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Anja Blum

Expert for:

  • approval management
  • hotline service
  • audits


  • MS, FH Zierow
  • more than 25 years of professional experience in management and EHS consulting.
  • qualification as a professional for emissions, waste and water protection
  • environmental auditor
  • author of several publications
phone: +49 7123 30780 - 21
fax: +49 7123 30780 - 11

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Customer relationships - some for more than 20 years

We will be a good match, if you are a manufacturer, medium-sized enterprise with one or more facilities in Germany, or a separate facility within an (international) group.

It is no matter what industry. The reason: 95 % of EHS requirements are intersectoral.

More information on our customers

Expertise - Knowing how

Our customers can expect a profound professional expertise in the following fields of EHS requirements and their implementation;

Health & safety:
  • use and handling of (hazardous) material
  • health & safety in general
  • industrial hygiene
  • exposure to noise
  • safety of machinery (CE conformity)
  • explosion protection
  • radiation protection
  • building contaminants
Environmental protection:
  • energy
  • water and waste water
  • effluent network
  • emissions of exhaust air and noise
  • waste
  • soil and groundwater
  • storage of (hazardous) material
  • transport of dangerous goods
Management & Organisation
  • legal compliance in general
  • EHS organisation and management
Operational emergency management:
  • evacuation
  • fire protection
  • personal damage
  • chemical release

Our commitment

The »Biosphärengebiet Schwäbische Alb e.V. stands for a sustainable development of the Swabian Alb Biosphere Reserve concerning 

  • nature and environmental conservation as well as climate protection
  • landscape preservation
  • sustainable agriculture and forestry
  • sheep farming
  • meadow orchards and vine culture
  • sustainable development of tourism, settlement and traffic
  • education in sustainability
  • culture and heritage

Analogously quoted from the articles of the association.

According to our self-understanding (see our pyramid of values) we are successful because we act and work as part of a community and a network. Therefore, it is only logical that we engage beyond of our actual business operations.

It is important for us, that we do so locally and in a context, which is in line with our services and our self-understanding. Therefore, it is obvious for us that we support the »Biosphärengebiet Schwäbische Alb e.V.« as a supporting member.

The »Biosphärengebiet Schwäbische Alb e.V. stands for a sustainable development of the Swabian Alb Biosphere Reserve concerning

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