Explosion protection

As part of the risk assessment, the operator must consider the explosion hazards, assess explosion risks, define protective measures and present this in an explosion protection document. This systematic approach is important to prevent damage to people, to the operation and the neighbourhood.

The assessment of explosion risks requires knowledge of the physical and chemical context, the technical possibilities and the legal requirements regarding the state of the art. This knowledge usually goes beyond what the responsible line manager needs for day-to-day business.

Therefore, we offer you comprehensive support on this topic:

With a site tour, we get an overview of the operational situation. Moreover, you provide us with the (technical) documentation on the installation, work equipment and hazardous substances.

On this basis, we assess the explosion risks by, among other things, classifying the area in ex-zones. We then assess which sources of ignition are present or can become effective in the respective ex-zones and support you in determining suitable explosion protection measures. Finally, we document the results in an explosion protection document including a plan showing the identified EX zones.

We support you with solutions for existing plants as well as with the planning of new plants.

We charge this service on time and material. The hourly rate is 120 Euro net. The actual price depends on the complexity of the project and on the customer's specific requirements. When we know the details, we can provide a cost estimate.