Explosion protection

Explosion protection is connected to and included in machinery safety as well as operational safety aspects. But since this topic is so important we provide a specific section.

The reason: While ›regular‹ risk assessments can easily and reliably be done by company personnel with the support of safety professionals or the works doctor there often is a lack of specific knowledge for the evaluation of explosion hazards.

Therefore we offer as a special expert service the preparation of the explosion protection document according to German law and to update it after an agreed modus. Explosion protection documents prepared by us cover all required aspects and evaluations and are reduced to the optimum.

Moreover, we offer these services and tools:

Hotline service: our in-a-nutshell-advice to all questions concerning operational EHS matters.

Our top tool ALGEBRA Worksplaces programmed by Dieter Hubich, a practitioner. With ALGEBRA Workplaces you document workplace risk assessments 100 % legally certain and on only one (1!) page.

If you have a specific question, please contact us and let us help you to make your long story short.