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Hotline service

During our office hours we advise and support our customers on the Where, What and Why of any question concerning legal EHS provisions and related requirements. Often we can provide the answer on the same day.

In day-to-day business, questions emerge about legal regulations and their requirements. The answers cannot be delayed. If you want to know the Where, the Why, or the What as a basis for internal decisions, you can either do the research yourself or you can let us do it for you. It will certainly take us less time and you will have time to take care of what we cannot do for you: the implementation.

Give us a call as part of our hotline service:
During our office hours, we'll be there to help and advise you.

We charge this service on time and material. The hourly rate is 120 Euro net. Individual ›flat rates‹ are available on request.

Your contact person

Anja Blum

Phone: +49 7123 30780 - 21
Fax: +49 7123 30780 - 11

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