Legal Register AGENDA and Update Service

Every company, whether certified according to ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001 and/or EMAS or not, needs

  • an assessment which regulations are applicable and which are not
  • an overview of the relevant operator obligations
  • information which changes of legislation are relevant to the site and
  • tips what to do, if necessary.

This is exactly what the Legal Register AGENDA and the AGENDA Update Service provide.

Legal Register AGENDA

The Legal Register AGENDA covers the following topics:

  • waste
  • construction law
  • emissions
  • energy
  • dangerous goods
  • hazardous material
  • health & safety
  • environment in general
  • water/waste water
  • others

We offer the setup of AGENDA from 2,800 Euro net. The actual price depends on the distance as well as the size/complexity of your site. 

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AGENDA Update Service

We update the legal register of our customers monthly and provide every six months company-specific information on changes of applicable legislation. Our customers get information on need for action as well.

We offer the update service from 2,000 Euro net/year. The actual price depends on the size and the complexity of your site.

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