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(Hazardous) Material Register MATRIX

MATRIX is another tool born from projects with our customers. It fulfils the legal requirements in an optimal way: It does not only deliver the proof of legal certainty, but is a highly valuable tool in the day-to-day practice as well. The Risolva MATRIX meets that expectation in many respects:

  1. It is designed not only for hazardous material but for all material used or produced on site. This is the way a viable and sound material management, including handling, storage, disposal and transport of material is built up and maintained.
  2. MATRIX lives up to its name: While using data in a manual register one-dimensionally per line, MATRIX allows data to be processed vertically as well by using the filter function (e.g. to determine the quantity of substances hazardous to water in a certain storage section)
  3.  To assure useful results, the input must be standardized to a maximum. Therefore, MATRIX offers various columns with input windows where symbols can be selected comfortably. The input possibilities are logically linked where possible, so that a plausibility check is carried out with every input.
  4.  Classical data input by keyboard belongs to the past: Due to the above-mentioned input windows and the drop-down menus the data input is faster and more reliable. We have tested it in customer projects: it really is fun!
  5.  And because we know many but not all the wishes of our customers, MATRIX can be customized according to individual requirements, for example by adding or renaming columns.

Have a look at the manual.

MATRIX is available in Excel format. The price is 850 Euro net including the EMKG module (control banding) for the use at one company site. A graduated offer is available for the use at more than one location. The Material Register MATRIX is available in English on request.

If you want to test MATRIX for free ask Dieter Hubich for a full trail version of MATRIX . Please find the contact details below.

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Dieter Hubich

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