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Approval management with Risolva

A new approval is something unique for the brand-new installation as well as for the operator. And even the approval of changes is something particular. This means that the responsible persons either have no time or no experience to prepare the application documents. However, we prepare application documents all day long. Therefore, we know exactly what comes first.

Preparing application documents and accompanying approval processes

With Anja Blum and Andrea Wieland we have old hands in terms of approval management in the team. They speak the operator's language as well as the language of the authorities. Therefore, we create just in the beginning of this process an atmosphere of confidence and reliance which our customers benefit from during the process and long after.

Officials appreciate the involvement of professionals because they are relieved from the time-intensive advisory work but instead can swiftly look after your application.

Determining the approval status

At sites with a long changing history the archives are full of permits and approvals, but no one is really sure whether or not the current status is actually covered by the existing approvals. To determine the approval status of a company/site, we compare the required situation with the current situation in the archives. If required, we propose appropriate measures how to get (back) into a legal compliant status. It goes without saying that we consider grandfathering aspects which might be applicable.


The preparation of application documents and/or accompanying in the approval process as well as the determination of the approval status we usually charge fixed price. The actual price depends on the complexity of the project and on the quality of the documents provided by you or your subcontractors.

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Anja Blum

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