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In addition to our top tools, we also offer other little helpers to make your work easier: accident statistics toolasbestos registerALGEBRA EnvironmentALGEBRA Machinery.

Accident statistics tool

Evaluations of individual accidents give companies a starting point about priorities for action, to positively influence the accident situation. However, it is much more significant to know which accident black spots a company has. To do this we have developed our accident statistic tool to evaluate statistically all individual analyses.

The user enters the results of the individual analysis for accidents, incidents, entries in the first aid book etc. with respect to the following headings:

  • place of accident
  • kind of activity
  • data to the person
  • injury by
  • kind of injury
  • injured body part
  • extend of damage/accident severity
  • classification whether or not the affected area was subject to risk assessments, instruction sheets and employee instructions.

Asbestos & Co.

With the help of our automated register for asbestos and other building contaminants companies can systematically document, where and what kind of building contaminant can be found on-site. When knowing critical areas companies can avoid that works at potentially contaminated building parts are carried out accidentally and present hazards to persons.

Download the register for asbestos and other building contaminants (excel) for free. Please note our Disclaimer (in German). To work with the register for asbestos Excel macros must be activated. We assure that the file is virus-free.

ALGEBRA Environment

With ALGEBRA Environment companies evaluate direct and indirect impacts of all operations with respect to environmental aspects according to ISO 14001, EMAS or ISO 50001 using the same system as with ALGEBRA for workplace risk assessments:

One area - one page.

It is based on the risk figure from the

  • environmental relevance of the impact
  • quantity or level of the impact
  • frequency of occurrence

in the initial state and after implementation of the optimisation potential. The environmental risk is presented not only as an abstract number but also vividly with a colour code. ALGEBRA Environment works particularly well if you specifically want to identify environmental effects for individual divisions/departments, to get detailed approaches for optimisation.

ALGEBRA Machinery

Based on the main principle and the positive experience made with ALGEBRA for workplace risk assessments Dieter Hubich has developed ALGEBRA Machinery. Using this tool, risk assessments as part of CE conformity assessments are conducted in an easy, clear and legally certain manner.

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