EHS: Environment, Health & Safety

Your management service provider in the EHS sector.

Risolva offers legal, technical and organisational EHS management services to ensure or increase the legal certainty of its customers. We provide solutions for an efficient implementation of legal requirements.

We bring knowledge into your company to make your work easier, trouble free and legally certain. You do not only receive paper or data, but precisely what you need to know. You benefit from our cross-sector experience: We know the existing solutions and which of them work for others. 

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What is Risolva doing?

We give you an overview of what we do (video in German only).

Being compliant with our EHS services

Your company must ensure that all legal EHS requirements are met. Your managers are responsible for this within the framework of the entrepreneurial obligations assigned to them. They are supported by your safety specialists and representatives. Our EHS solutions facilitate the practical implementation for everyone.


Package »Legal Compliance«

We see ourselves as interpreters between the legislator and the practical implementation in your company. In order to increase your legal certainty, we have packed various modules into the "Legal Compliance" package.

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Our solutions

The team - experienced, strong and personable

In the long time of professional experience there is almost nothing we have not done before. However, every single project, every customer, every task is new and exciting. That is why we like what we do every day: making your stories short.

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Our expertise

You can expect that we have a sound knowledge of legal requirements and their operational implementation in all EHS areas. In addition, we bring extensive methodological/conceptual knowledge to the table, which enables us to offer you the technical content as precise solutions.


With us, you get solutions that you really need and tools to oversee the often complex matter of EHS clearly.


The health check of your legal compliance. In doing so, we keep an eye on how the legal provisions can be optimally implemented in your company.


The Where, What and Why of any question concerning legal EHS provisions.
Efficient division of tasks: We research and document. You work on the implementation.


Our training bring you success.
Our recipe: It is easier to learn in a relaxed manner, especially when dealing with complex topics.


You often know better, which solution fits. We quarry the hidden knowledge and make long stories short.


In our Risolva Infoletter we provide monthly changes in EHS legislation and useful additional info for free.

All our solutions at a glance

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Free download to monthly changes in EHS legislation (available in German only)

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Variety of our cutomers

We are proud of our stable client relationships, which range from several years to two decades. Personal references to these and other clients can also be found in our CVs. Please also ask for other contacts to exchange views on our working methods and the benefits of our work.

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