Audits (legal compliance, management systems, EDD)

Compliance audit

The health check of a company's legal compliance which with Risolva is no black & white auditing. We give advice on how to implement legal provisions optimally as well.
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Management system audit

Besides the formal demands on an audit according to ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001, ISO 50001 or EMAS  we focus on the efficiency of the operation as well. For companies with an already high-level management system we perform on request efficiency audits to increase the benefit of the managements system and in the best of cases even save costs. Please contact us to find out the appropriate option for your company.

Environmental due diligence audits (EDD)

An environmental due diligence audit is a systematic survey of sites/buildings or possible investments on potential risks coming from soil and groundwater contamination or building contaminants e.g. asbestos & Co.

An environmental due diligence audit can be valuable beyond any merger or acquisition interests, e.g. if a company would like to know the current status of a site. For sites with a long changing history this can be crucial.
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We either charge these services on time and material (at an hourly rate of 100 Euro net) or fixed price. The actual price depends on the size/complexity of your site and the scope, respectively.