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Energy (management)

With the steadily increasing importance of climate policy, more an more new requirements and laws emerge in the energy sector. We follow these and pass on our information to our customers.

We offer the following services and tools:

Management audit
According to ISO 50001 in which we act as an impetus for efficiency in your company.

Funding programs for energy efficiency
Among the multitude of funding opportunities, we provide tips on how to obtain the appropriate funding for a project.

Hotline service
our in-a-nutshell-advice to all questions concerning operational EHS matters.

Legal register AGENDA and AGENDA Update Service
The instrument to evaluate the applicability of legal provisions for a company/site and to document the related EHS operator obligations.

Compliance Talk
Training for EHS professionals and line managers on changes of legislation including discussion of the impact on our customers' operation definition of actions and related responsibilities, if necessary.