Risk evaluation of emergencies

With the evaluation matrix the user evaluates the different areas of the companiy with respect to several emergencies such as

  • fire
  • personal damage
  • chemical release
  • blackout
  • incident in the neighbourhood
  • meteorological incidents
  • conflicts in the neighbourhood or within the staff
In the evaluation matrix the user can document the effectiveness of already taken preventive measures as well as the probability and extent of damage for the remaining risk of the different scenarios. The evaluation matrix can also be used to evaluate EHS impacts and risks during normal operation.

Best you try out. Download the 30-days trial version below.

Comments to the trial version:
The trial version is a full version of the evaluation matrix (including the evaluation of EHS impacts during normal operation). The access will be blocked automatically after 30 consecutive days. If the user should decide to use the evaluation matrix afterwards we are able to activate the file again. Data entered during the trial period remains in the file. To work with the evaluation matrix Excel macros must be activated.

The evaluation matrix is available in Excel format 2007 and higher for 150 Euro net.

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