Risk assessment

Conducting risk assessment is one of the most important entrepreneurial obligations.

Some time ago there were clear guidelines in the legal provisions what to do for companies to be in compliance. Nowadays in almost all relevant provisions the wording is: »On the basis of his risk assessment, the employer has appropriate measures to determine.«

What gives companies more options on the one hand obliges them on the other hand to an appropriate documentation. More than ever companies may desire assistance in risk assessments to make sure that they are compliant with their approach. That is why we have developed the following tools:

Health & Safety:
ALGEBRA Workplaces for risk assessments of workplaces/work tasks
ALGEBRA Machinery for risk assessments according to the EU Directive on machinery
Tool for statistical evaluation of work accidents

Hazardous material:
EMKG module to be integrated in customers' material registers

ALGEBRA Environment for evalution of environmental impacts
Risk evaluation of environmental impacts and risks for regular operation