Asbestos & Co.

Although companies are sensitive towards this issue you can still find asbestos & Co. on sites. This applies in particular to sites with buildings that were built before 1990. As asbestos was also used in technical equipment e.g. as seals in heating furnaces it can also be found at younger sites when older equipment is still used.

We provide the following tool for dealing with asbestos & Co. legally compliant:

Automated register for asbestos and other building contaminants, i.a. to support the evaluation of the remediation priority according to the Asbestos Directive.

Moreover, we invite you to visit our mobile Asbestos Museum: safely packed showpieces and an extended photo collection to learn more about asbestos & Co.

We also offer ›traditional‹ work in this field:

  • Performing surveys regarding asbestos and other building contaminants.
  • Environmental due diligence audit (EDD): the systematic survey of sites/buildings or possible investments on potential risks coming from soil and groundwater contamination or building contaminants e.g. asbestos & Co.
  • Sampling, organisation of analyses, interpretation of results, deducting potential remediation measures
  • Compiling registers for asbestos and other building contaminants.
  • Bid invitation of remediation work and choice of remediation companies
  • Supporting companies in the management of remediation measures as a certified expert according to TRGS 519.