Project management with moderation

»Reduce-to-the-max« Project Management

The most uplifting moments in a project are
the birth of the idea and
when you score the success.

The time between the idea and the success is filled with creativity, productivity, team spirit and - frustration. The frustration comes from the administrative by-products: time pressure, changing priorities and the lack of acceptance block a diligent project handling.

This is not the case with our »Reduce-to-the-max« Project Management:
We simplify life by doing all the administrative work to enable the involved persons to focus on the project content.


Instead of telling what to do - which is the classic form of consultancy - it has stood the test of time to come back to the company's own knowledge. Why? Because people on site often know better, which solution fits. Our task is
to quarry the hidden knowledge
to focus the knowledge
to enforce decisions.

Remarkable, how sustainable the results of customer projects have been implemented with this method.

Possible applications

Here are in extracts some of the projects and topics of our customers we led to success with this method:

  • Improving the business process of »approval management«
  • Process modelling the business process »project management«
  • Design of a data base for environmental requirements during planning processes
  • Improving the business process of »controlling of approval requirements«
  • Introduction to the risk assessment
  • Risk assessment during the CE conformity assessment process
  • Development of a code of practice for implementation and update of a site-specific emergency management

This is only a small selection of projects and issues. We are convinced that - with our project management in combination with the moderation method - we can bring all projects to success, assumed they are in the scope of our professional and methodical/conceptual expertise. Please contact us for more information.


We charge this service only on time and material. The hourly rate is 100 Euro net. The actual price depends on the complexity of the project and on the customer's specific requirements. When we know the details we can provide a cost estimate.