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Energy (management)

To keep your business running, you cannot do without energy.
For your energy mix of proven - innovative, renewable - conventional, electricity - gas, in-house production - external procurement and, of course, your personal commitment, we provide the background on legal, management, costs and technology.

Energy management is every day business

Even if you don't benefit from any tax limitations or rebates, you should indulge in an energy management system. You don't have to get it certified right away. Why? Well, energy means resources, resources are costs, and costs should be low. If, as a side effect, CO2 emissions are reduced, this not only pleases the environment, but also the marketing department.

And we know how to do it easily.

Checkup of the processes

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced energy manager:
With our checklist in form of a questionnaire for the energy sector, we can get a quick overview of the current status in your company and identify possible potential for improvement. In this way, the energy used can be used even more effectively. In addition, the check list can be used to verify whether an existing energy management system meets all criteria or whether measures are required. 

As with all our (management system) audits, we see ourselves as a source of inspiration.

Funding opportunities

It is excellent when your think about investments. Why not take advantage of a small (or larger) cash infusion? There are a variety of funding opportunities for energy efficiency projects. Quite sure, there is a programme you can take advantage of. Together with you, we will find the right funding for your project in no time at all. And if you like, we can give a helping hand with the application process.

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